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        1. Sales&Service
          Domestic Customers, please contact us, 
          Tel: 029-81870126 ext.823
          Fax: 029-81870126 ext.802
          E-mail: xakmtools@vip.163.com

          Overseas Customers, please contact us to get your local distributors, 
          Tel: +86-29-81870126 ext.813
          Fax:+86-29-81870126 ext.802
          E-mail: xakmtools@vip.163.com; sales@kmmachines.com

          After-sales services, 

          Tel: +86-29-81870128 

          Fax: +86-29-81870126 ext.802 

          E-mail: info@kmmachines.com

          In addition, our Southern branch office is in charge of the marketing in 
          the South of China. 
          Tel/Fax: +86-576-89821558

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